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Bio-Solids Screening

Screening provides you the unique opportunity to process sludge that has been removed from your digester or pond during the cleaning process, in the same manner that you use for your daily sludge output. This saves landfill costs and the need to provide other expensive alternate de-watering operations.

As sludge is pumped into and through the screen all rags, plastics and other debris is removed. The cleaned sludge is now ready for normal processing while the plastics and other removed material can be removed directly to a landfill.

The clean sludge is now ready to be pumped to the drying beds or into tankers for land application.

Our screening equipment is designed and built by "Northwest" to meet the harsh environments in which they work. Complete removal is accomplished by a power auger. The removed debris is placed either in drop boxes or drying beds.

In our screening process we do not just "wash" the sludge with water through a screen to clean it, using that method results in additional material that would need to be processed, stored or transported at additional cost to you. We use a specially designed "power auger" that cleans the sludge without all the additional water, this leaves you a clean sludge with higher solids content. Perfect for your de-watering equipment or for land applying.

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