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Digester Cleaning

For the past two decades US Reduction, LLC has endeavored to provide the highest quality service available. We have emphasized the need to clean digesters on a regular basis, not just when they have reached a point that they are out of service or close to it. We are able to provide cleaning and bio-solids processing services to agencies, at a cost that is normally below projected or budgeted monies. We accomplish this by developing the equipment and method of cleaning digesters that allows for the fastest, safest and the most efficient way possibly, resulting in cost savings for your organization.

We are proud to have been the first company that was instrumental in setting up many long-term maintenance contracts with and for cities, for their digester cleaning services. This benefits the municipality in many ways; not only are their digesters maintained on a regular basis, they enjoy the lower prices only available with three- or five-year contracts.

When choosing your digester cleaning company, please remember that US Reduction, LLC is the oldest digester cleaning company on the West Coast and in the Midwest.

It's no wonder that we have become known as "The" Digester Cleaners. We have worked hard to earn your recognition as the company to call when you have a digester to clean.

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